Invest in a Goat Saddle Like a Good Pair of Shoes

Invest in a Goat Saddle Like a Good Pair of Shoes When it comes to trails and packing with goats, invest in a goat saddle like a good pair of shoes. Have you ever hiked or hunted miles upon miles in boots that were a size too small? If you are asking your goats to […]

Choosing a Goat Identification Method

840 ID Microchip

Choosing a Goat Identification Method When choosing a goat identification method it is important to make it permanent. Here at Packgoats.com, we strive to be responsible goat owners. Especially with our pack goats, when traveling and using public land we want to follow the USDA guidelines. When it comes to goat identification there are several […]

What Makes Owning A Milk Goat Hard

Milking Goats

A-Z Milk Goat Course Having an A-Z Milk Goat course is something to be of worth. It is a guide on how to start, how to raise, and know goat health and wellness. Also personal consumption, and maybe even selling some milk in a small operation. We will be covering the process of milking goats […]

Club Membership for Everything Raising Goats

This is a Must-Have for All Goat Lovers Marc Warnke, the Goat Guy, and his lady Tricia at Packgoats.com are here to share with you over 9 years of goat experiences, lessons learned along the way, giving you the confidence to become better stewards with the goal of helping care for and enjoy these special […]