Goat Course Bundles

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Goat Course Bundles

Goat course bundles have been created to help you succeed in raising healthy happy goats. Goats are the most fascinating and incredible critters, at PackGoats.com our mission is to become a leading resource on all things for owning your goats. In addition, help you feel confident about the information and be successful in caring for your goats. Learn why we love our pack goats so much and want to share this special #packgoats life we live with you! These goat course bundles are packed with information on getting started with pack goats and the process along the way of building your own string. For example, whether it’s getting away for a weekend in the backcountry, camping, hunting, or exploring, these courses teach you everything to do with a pack goat.  We encourage you to check out our  PackGoats.com – YouTube Channel! Starting a new year with a goal of homesteading we have courses for you. With having new babies to raise, with wanting to learn or refresh your milking skills all the while taking on the pack goat world, we recommend the premium course bundle. All courses include the feeders and the stanchion plans.


What Our Goat Course Bundles Offer

Packer Course Bundle


Includes Packgoats 101, How to Raise a Baby Goat, Feeder, and Stanchion design courses.

How to Milk a Goat Course FREE. (savings 79.00)


Milking Goats Course Bundle

Includes How to Raise a Baby Goat, How to Milk a Goat

Feeder, and Stanchion design courses FREE.

(savings 34.45)


Premium Bundle Course


Includes Packgoats 101, How to Raise a Baby Goat, Feeder, and Stanchion design courses

How to Milk a Goat Course FREE. (savings 79.00)


Don’t Forget To Add These Must-Have Goat Reads To Your Course Bundles 

Goat Care BookWhether you are just starting out with goats or have had a herd for years, you will find this popular and practical guide essential! In addition to information by the author, the book includes contributions from other well-known goat experts. This Goat Health Care book will help you work more effectively with a veterinarian while keeping your goats healthy! This updated, Goat Health Care book, 2nd edition covers how to understand your goats and their behavior; routine care required to raise goats; how to handle pregnancy, kidding, and kids; common health issues encountered in goats; medications used in goats, including milk and meat withdrawal times; natural and home remedies; geriatric goat care; end-of-life issues; and other resources. In addition, Cheryl K. Smith is also the author of Raising Goats for Dummies and many more.

Practical Goatpacking

“A thorough, nuts and bolts guide to the art and science of goat packing. It will answer most of the questions that arise for the beginning goat packer and goat keeper.”

Add Practical Goatpacking to your goat packing library. Learn more about herd health and management, gear, trail concerns, hunting with goats, toxic and poisonous plants, and field first aid.


  • The Pack Goat (The Pruett Series) Paperback by John Mionczynski

The Pack Goat (Pruett Series) Paperback A guide to learning about pack goats or goats in general. A book about adventures while packing with goats. Lots of advice on training, raising, and packing with goats. Great tips with everything you need to know when packing with goats.



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Above all enjoy our goat course bundles and must-have goat reads to make the most convenient and comprehensive care solution for any goat owner. So at PackGoats.com, we are here to help you solve your goat problems every step of the way. Therefore, being a new goat owner or just needing a refresh to help you raise happy healthy goats and feel confident about the information and be successful in caring for your goats these goat course bundles will help you.