Goat Hauler

goat hauler

Goat Hauler

Hauling pack goats in your truck requires a well thought out goat hauler.  It needs to have good ventilation but not be blasting wind on them when you are driving down the freeway.  In this video, you will see two different designs, one you could likely build yourself and another that I can have built for you.  The key to a hauler is to make their trip comfortable, cool and free of anxiety.  The more fresh pack goats show up to the trail head the better experience you and they will have. Whenever considering transporting goats you must consider shelter, ventilation, and suspension. This hauler addresses those 3 with the added benefit of cargo space keeping your truck seats free!

Update as of January 2020! The new and improved hauler system addresses several drawbacks from the original design I noticed over the years. Now with a reinforced door, 7 interior attachment points, 4 exterior attachment points, FULLY waterproof side compartments (Finally!), and optimized front and rear ventilation, this thing is a beast! The aluminum version weighs very little and can be removed/installed by just 2 people. This hauler can fit up to 6 adult, horned pack goats with integrated space for ALL saddles and panniers. Order your custom goat hauler through packgoats.com and pick it up in Caldwell, ID.

Here’s some more information on optimal ventilation, space, and suspension for hauling goats.


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