What Makes Owning A Milk Goat Hard

Milking Goats

A-Z Milk Goat Course

Having an A-Z Milk Goat course is something to be of worth. It is a guide on how to start, how to raise, and know goat health and wellness. Also personal consumption, and maybe even selling some milk in a small operation. We will be covering the process of milking goats from beginning to end. You will have all the information you will need to milk like a pro. In this course, we have brought in the founder of the Simple Pulse Machine, Cristen Sullivan. With 12 years of milking and owning goats for 20, Cristen is very respected within the goat community. With her expertise and Marc’s unique “old school” milking method, you will see all phases of milking goats even if you plan to milk by hand. The resources of this course will get you excited and ready to successfully and easily own a milk goat.

Why Do People Think Owning A Milk Goat Is Hard

People think owning a milk goat is hard, but in reality, it is the fear of the unknown. Not knowing where to start can be overwhelming, which breed to purchase, how to raise a milk goat, how to milk, or the milking process. Sometimes it seems almost not even worth it, but what if you had an A-Z Milk Goat course. Everything you could possibly need to know to successfully and easily own a milk goat. Here at Packgoats.com, our mission is to give you all the tools and resources to build your confidence raising and help make milking goats a simple process that you love.

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Everything You Need to Know Owning Milk Goats

We know you are ready to dive right in and start learning this amazing world of milking a goat. This course will teach you everything you need to know. Don’t let the unknown keep you from getting milk goats, instead, be prepared.

In the A-Z Milk Goat course you will learn:

  • Overview of the Process and Cycle
  • Best Breeds for Milking
  • Milking Schedule and Drying Up
  • Benefits and Value of Goat Milk
  • Testing your Goat Milk and Things to Know
  • Milking Area Cleanliness
  • Building and Maintaining a Milking area
  • Different Milking Methods
  • The Simple Pulse Machine and Clean Up
  • Nutrition, Health, and Wellness of a Doe in Milk
  • Goat Milk Recipes
  • Selling Goat Milk and What You Need to Know

Purchase Your Milk Goats at Packgoats.com

Did you know here at packgoats.com you can purchase your milk goats through us? However, it is recommended to buy a younger goat to get hands-on experience in the care, nutrition, and other basic needs of a goat. As a result, this will give a strong background in goat care to prepare for caring for the more complex doe in milk. A common question is what breed will be the best for milking. It is highly recommended to buy from a knowledgeable breeder who has testing records to show you. Paying more for a well-bred goat upfront will be worth it, as the likelihood is higher at avoiding possible health issues and vet expenses. Make sure you fill out our form! Please specify your location, preferred breed or breed mixes, and the number of goat kids to fit your homestead needs.

Learn and Prepare For Success

Here at Packgoats.com, let us help you learn and prepare to successfully own milking goats on your homestead. Whether you are a first-time milker or you’re experienced but looking for the finer points; this course will help you. Our hope is that this course can short-cut your time to be a successful steward of goats.

Check out this video of Cinder, our top favorite breeder and milking doe in the backcountry providing milk for the perfect latte.

Did You Know?

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