It’s November Have You Reserved Your Baby Goat

reserve your baby goat

Have You Reserved Your Baby Goat? It’s November, the best month to buy, have you reserved your baby goats? Why do you ask? It’s breeding season and that means in 150 days, baby goats will be here. Whether you are growing your pack string, adding milk goats to your homestead, or wanting to have your own […]

Castrating Wethers: How Long Should You Wait

Banding Pack Goats

Banding Pack Goats Castrating Wethers and when has been debated between the folks in the pack goat community forever. We are, as a community the most experienced at keeping wethers alive and well of any other goat niche. It seems to always get into hot debate and people are super passionate that they are “right,” […]

Training Baby Pack Goats

Training Baby Pack Goats

Training Baby Pack Goats Training baby pack goats is a very “over thought” thing.  It’s because we are so excited to get started that we forget that they train very easily. The primary component to training baby packers is to love them up and create a bond.  Having a good pack goat play structure for […]