Think About Options When It Comes To Goat Panniers

small roll top pannier

Think About Options When It Comes To Goat Panniers

Quiver of Panniers

As Marc says, “Your gonna want a quiver of panniers,” to give you a couple of options. By getting a few different sizes you will find our spread of panniers to help with all your specific needs.  Don’t buy just one color.  Get a few different colors.It’s time to plan your goat adventures, have you got your gear ordered? Think about options when it comes to goat panniers. When planning your adventures don’t forget that each pannier was designed with multiple functions.

At PackGoats.com we have all the tools and gear you need for your pack goat adventures.

Choosing Goat Panniers To Fit Your Needs

How To Load a Pack Goat Pannier

Also, don’t forget to order a Pannier Scale! It’s an essential piece of equipment every goat packer must-have for balancing panniers.

The Finest: Hardcore Pannier Set

The Hardcore Pannier set is our finest, most advanced, bomb-proof, and functional design yet.  It’s the best we have. It’s slimmer and a little smaller than the signature series. Water-resistant with a rubber liner and double-layered and a little shorter for the off-trail hikers. Designed with Goat 4WD hold-down straps and an Exterior Pocket for your 32 oz. Nalgene bottle, rain jacket, or snacks. Enclose all of your gear with a Velcro top closure and paracord scaling loops and hit the trails.

Most Versatile: The Signature Series Pannier

The most versatile is the Signature Series, the Best Pack Goat Panniers. They are incredibly versatile, durable, and well thought out. This design is big, they can go really big great for fuller loads, and can go really small for meat loads. These panniers will work with any pack goat saddle. However, they were specifically designed to pair with the Marc Warnke Signature Series Saddle.  Also, a unique design point of these panniers is extra attachment points for accessories.

Large Pack Goat Pannier: Teton 

Large-pack goat panniers are the solution for your bulk packing needs. It has pockets and is known as the Teton. This is one of the few panniers that carry long items like tents, cots, fly rod cases, and cooking grates. Having a set of large-pack goat panniers on at least one goat in your string solves many needs for packing bulky items. Whether it’s the comforts of home or your essential tools, you no longer need to leave them at home.

Small Roll Top Pannier For 2 & 3 Year Old Pack Goats

Designed for 2 & 3-year-old pack goats, the small roll top pannier is made of the same durable material and design as the Signature Series Panniers without all of the extra features. The roll-top feature allows you to have a nice compact load and the heavy-duty Cordura protects your gear from the rugged trails. The simplicity of these panniers allows you to adventure on without breaking the bank. It is perfect for a smaller goat, lighter load, or shorter trip. This model will fit on any Pack Goat Saddle on the market with the same simple attachment.

Want to Save on Gear?

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