Last Minute Gifts For Goat Lovers

Pack Goats Gift Card

Last Minute Gifts For Goat Lovers

Still needing last minute gifts for your goat lovers. Check out Packgoats.com and give the gift of a pack goat trip in Idaho, new baby goats, a gift of information products, and courses to help make raising goats successful and enjoyable with less stress. Goats make wonderful additions to your farm or family. If you already have goats and need a refresh, need a better quality feeder, or stanchion, we’ve got everything you need to help raise happy and healthy goats. Click and Shop Today!

Book A Pack Goat Trip In Idaho

best trip with pack goatsBooking a summer pack goat trip into the amazing backcountry of Idaho may be the neatest trip you ever go on.  Whether it’s a group of friends or your family, guarantee this will be one for the books. The goats carry your load so that you can have “glamping” luxuries in the pristine wilderness. Camp out on high mountain lakes which are awesome for a mid-day plunge or a day of fishing. Day hikes are a great additional option to explore other lakes or abundant mountain peaks. Don’t forget your camera because mountain photography is second to none. If you go in the early summer when there is still some snow on the mountains, we can glissade down for a thrilling adventure. Make Christmas Merry and Bright and Book your Pack Goat Trip today! Check out this Youtube video Pack Goat Trip Adventures of a Lifetime!

Give Your Goat Lover New Baby Goats

reserve your baby goatGive your goat lover new baby goats this holiday season. Right now is a great time to reserve your baby goat for spring with packgoats.com. This goat reservation service allows you to specify your preferred breed or hybrid, sex, and number of baby goats. Every goat you will be getting, Marc Warnke personally has their relatives in his own string. Therefore, Packgoats.com is partnered with several breeders across the west, all with proven pack goat genetics. Reserving through our site allows us to connect you with a breeder that fulfills your preferences closest to your home location. As a result, this reduces travel times for pickup and relieves stress associated with transportation for baby goats. Getting your kid with us, you will also have built-in support for that kid. At Packgoats.com get the information on how to raise, train, and gear up your packer for his entire lifetime.

Get Your Goat Lover The Gift of Building Plans and Courses

Get your goat lover the gift of building plans and courses. Products to help make duties easy and less stressful. Not to worry about wet soiled hay contaminating and making your goats sick. Courses provide the best information in video form, text form, or both. Learn to treat goats with confidence and avoid the vet bills when unnecessary. In addition, get tips and resources for raising baby goats, milking your new doe, or learning to have a strong string for packing goats. Meanwhile, check out packgoats.com and see all the information products we have to offer.

Building plans for horned goat feeder

Goat Feeder

Building plans for horned goat stanchion

Goat Stanchion

How to raise a baby goat

baby goats

How to milk goats

Milking Goats

Pack goat 101 course

pack goat trips

Give a Gift Card For Your Goat Lover 

So many choices, give a gift card for your goat lover if you’re not sure what to get them! Want to gift toward a larger purchase? Pack goat gift cards are the answer. Above all, whether it’s a holiday, birthday, no matter the occasion, the goat lover in your life will not be disappointed! Gift cards are valid for any product on packgoats.com!

Pack Goat Gift Card